• removal of residual chlorine
  • -gentle to skin
  • economical
  • long life
  • double filter structure
  • entire cartridge can be replaced
  • comfortable for use
  • design

Redesigned! More gentle to skin!
The dechlorinating shower that is gentle to your skin and hair.

【Product introduction movie】

Thoroughly remove hair and skin-damaging residual chlorine

  • The chlorine contained in tap water oxidizes lipid and protein on your hair or skin, which may cause the split ends, broken hair, dandruff, itching sensation, rough surface, or dry skin.

  • Residual chlorine oxidizes the proteins of the skin and reduces its ability to retain moisture. The keratinous layer is disrupted. The skin becomes easily irritated and susceptible to penetration by germs and allergens. Sensitive skin and eczema can easily occur. *
    *Excerpt from Japan Water Purifier Association "Pure Water Shower Gentle to Hair and Skin Q&A"

Gentle to skin It has the large number of holes with smaller diameter than conventional product.* Enjoy a shower of gentle water flow yet with plenty of water volume.
Because of the silky touch water flow, those who have atopic dermatitis and allergies can feel comfortable to use this product.
*Compared to Torayshower RS51.

Economical: Easy switch between pure water and tap water saves filter cartridge’s lifespan without being wasted. You can switch to tap water when cleaning the bathtub and shower room, to pure water when washing hair and body. It is a convenient function that allows you to use the shower efficiently without wasting filter material. It has 30% water saving compared to conventional model when using tap water shower.

Long life The dechlorination capacity is 12,000L (about 25 hours). If you use 80L a day, you can use it for 5 months.

Double filter structure The filter is two-layer structure using non-woven fabric and activated carbon.
Activated carbon is certified as a food additive, so it can be used safley.

Easy installation and replacement of the filter cartridge Filter cartridge attachment / replacement is as easy as 1-2-3!

Wide face and 2-way grip make you feel comfortable for use. Wider spray surface of shower head than conventional product achieves more spray range on your face and body.
You can use comfortably because of 2way grip.

  • Wide face

  • 2-way grip

Design renewal! More enjoy your bath time Appointed a female designer who designs lots of beauty/Cosmetic products.
It is designed from woman's perspective, such as elegant streamline shape and easy grip for women.
You can choose among three colors for your bathroom type or your taste.

  • RS52-BG
    【Blue green】

  • RS52-WG
    【Warm grey】

  • RS52-LP-EG
    【Light pink】

  • RS53

  • RSC51

Elements this product can remove

*Meets the JIS S 3201 standards.
  • Free residual chlorine